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changing lives in texas since 2003

Welcome to Deletatto conveniently located in the heart of Houston. Here, our professionals know that tattoo removals is not just about vanity: it’s about new starts, erasing bad memories and pain from the past. It’s about beginning a new journey into your life with  limitless possibilities!  Our mission is to help our patients accomplish these goals in a painless, compassionate, and all natural way.

We aim to educate our patients in a safe environment while offering them necessary care. We understand that many people have anxiety about tattoo removal, so we created a soothing environment and a scheduling system that never keeps you waiting long. By combining natural remedies with traditional techniques, we give our patients the best experience.

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Dr. Leah is a pioneer in Holistic Health and Herbal Remedies. She is one of the first and exclusive practitioners in Houston and has dramatically improved the lives of many in her efforts. She maintains the highest level of integrity and continuing education.  She is very involved in her community and is dedicated to improving the lives of others.  She works in partnership with David, her husband and together they are an invaluable team and fearless leaders in the community.

Dr. Joseph Ortiz

Dr. Joseph Ortiz. shares the educational background, leadership and abilities that Dr. Leah does.  Together they strive to serve you in a way that is unmatched.  Dr. Joseph Ortiz. leads the efforts in Deletattoo and while likely be the individual you share your consultation with. Together, the Ortiz family ensures that you feel like family.



Mauricio, our youngest expert, is certified in Natural Medicine and Specialist in Natural Elimination of Tattoos, Mauricio brings a youthful approach to the clinic. He helps the leadership team keep up with the trends, current interests and experiences of our younger clientele. Mauricio understands why you get tattoos and even more why you would remove them.