Introducing The Best Tattoo Removal in Houston, Deletatto Method The World's First, All Natural, Tattoo Removal Solution.


     Unlike other Tattoo Removal Methods, Deletattoo is far less painful, more cost-effective as it requires up to 50%  to 75% fewer treatments for complete removal, and is the only method that will Remove All colors where Laser cannot. While there are other NON-LASER methods available, Our method is the ONLY ORIGINAL ALL NATURAL (NO ACIDS, NON-TOXIC) Product and Procedure Available. This procedure uses a method of tattoo removal similar to applying Tattoo to the skin, which minimizes damage to the skin of the client.


Don’t LASER the ink ( and the metals in the ink) into your skin and bloodstream.
Let us do it the all natural way, Our naturopathic procedure uses a unique natural solution, that “pulls the ink” out of the skin using nature’s way of the healing your skin.The result : The ink is gone,  your organism is healthy and your skin is beautiful and renewed.



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